Characteristics of a good house plan.

Unique home plans are an overhead diagram or design of our home’s layout, drawn to scale.

Key characteristics of a functional house plan are:

1. Maximize the property.

If we already know the location of our new home, consider views and placement when planning rooms and windows.

2. Utilize space effectively.

Research creative ways can utilize extra space. Look into building in-wall cabinets and bookshelves, or perhaps a tiny playhouse under the stairs.

3. Accessibility.

Rooms should be easy to access and not so unique home designs that they cause frustration. Spaces should flow intuitively from one to another.

4. Flexibility.

Each room has a purpose, but, for the most part, should be easily convertible. For instance, try not to design a bedroom so that it could never be an office, or vice versa.

5. Functionality.

It is important to think ahead and consider the purpose and function of each room. For instance, it might be helpful if the dining room and kitchen are near one another.

6. Maximize the use of light.

Installing extra windows and skylights increases the natural light in our home.

7. Attention to size.

While there are many ways to maximize space, the truth is, sometimes we just need a bigger area.

8. Fitting to your lifestyle.

If we plan on having a lot of company over, pay attention to our entertaining rooms.

9. Use of storage.

It is important that we plan for closets, storage areas, etc. so that we won’t be forced to store large or seasonal items in public areas.

10. The balance between architecture and practicality.

Innovative house plans is all about finding creative ways to design the perfect space.

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